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Hello ladies!!! Happy Friday, I can’t believe Christmas will be here before we know it. So I have been on a major skin care quest the past few weeks. Learning about skincare and taking some time to check out several products that will help my skin look my best. I’m in my late 30’s my Skin Care is super important to me right now. So with that said I’m sharing with you a few of the items that are on my wish list for Christmas. I may even treat myself for Christmas because you know a girl will pamper herself especially when it comes to skincare!

My favorite Uplift Beauty Serum is on sale ladies, there is a new line coming out and they will be sold out before you know so go snag one. This serum has vitamin c and E which help nourish and condition the skin. Also has Squalane helps restore to help restore the balance of oil to the skin and also helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. I LOVE this stuff ladies, it’s like liquid gold on your face. It feels super soft and makes my skin glow. GRAB one I know you’ll LOVE IT!

So I’ve learned about the Jade Roller and the wonder it can do for your skin.

How to use it: Use it after having applied toner and moisturizer. Apply a serum oil  on your face and move in an upward outward movement.

Benefits: Helps Rejuvenate your skin and help reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

I can not wait to try this!! I heard it works well for lymphatic drainage.

So ladies I”m so ready to upgrade my skincare routine. I have had my eye on this  Clarisonic Uplift Brush. Have you ladies tried it? I heard it’s a game changer for really getting into your pores and cleansing your face. I MUST have!!

I started meditating several months ago and it has changed my life!! I am loving taking the time out to slow down and just breathe. How many of you have tried meditating. The benefits of mediating are insane you guys. Helps increase mindfulness, lowers blood pressure and even helps from inflammation.  With that being said, I also have loved my angel cards that I have on an app and want to get a real set of cards. I love these cards from Gabby Bernstein. How beautiful are these illustrations?

Here is my look from today that I did live on FB. You can catch the replay here.

I used a pretty bold lip sensual and after the live I added my favorite lipgloss in the color Lippy. Let me know if you would like a color match or have any questions!

Have a fabulous weekend,


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