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For the Modern Woman Who is ready to walk in FREEDOM, in her light and Power because it’s Her Divine Right, YOUR DIVINE RIGHT.
You become unraveled when you decide your worth far more than gold, she is a gift. She IS a gift, a gift to be shared with the world. She is taking what is divinely hers and taking it with power.

She has always had the power she needed within. But now she is ready to fully embrace it. Love it and grow in it.
It is the art of embracing you, your life and stepping into your power. It’s not about just getting by. But walking in your Freedom and TRUTH Daily. You can walk in love. You can find healing from your past and a FIERCE love for yourself. You are a QUEEN! A precious GEM. A Powerhouse.

Are you a woman who feels in her heart a deep calling for something more? 
Do you feel at times that you have gifts you want to share but just don't think it will ever become a reality? 
Are you feeling burnt out?  Are you a woman who feels confused and unsure about where they are going?
Are you looking to get clarity on the direction of your path and what lights you up?
 Are you feeling frustrated and not sure if your in alignment with your life and life's purpose?
Are you tired of the same old thing, "Rinse and Repeat", and ready to make real changes in your life? 
Are you ready to walk in FLOW and abundance easily?

This program is for the women stepping away from struggle, shame, and heartbreak. Letting go of her old stories and walking into her calling her purpose. Rising up to be the bad ass woman she knows she desires to be. Independent, strong and fulfilled.
The women who KNOWS in her heart she is destined for more. Wanting to step into her strengths and use them to make a positive impact.

We will learn how to find flow and abundance in our everyday life. Getting clarity and direction on what you have been looking for. 
We will dive into finding our voice again, building confidence, creating the life you desire through creative outlets, self-love, tapping into your intuition, manifesting your deep desires, letting go of limiting beliefs, understanding what our gifts are and setting your soul on fire again. We will learn how to tap into your light and power within. Because it’s your DIVINE RIGHT. 

Welcome Ladies!!! So Excited your ready to make epic changes in the direction of your life. Finding the right coach for you is so important and I'm thrilled that you were lead here because I don't believe in COINCIDENCE that you were guided here. 
Today starts the journey to the most beautiful dance of flow, abundance, grace, love and healing. 
beautiful you are worth it all.  


mindset tools to manifest the life you desire 

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My name is Jessica Schugardt and I am a Mindset/Manifestation Coach. I love helping woman reach their true potential and calling in there life. I believe that you have been put here for a purpose and live our that purpose with passion, true power and most of all LOVE. I have overcome so many obstacles in my life and have invested in myself and feel called to help you accomplish your deep desires and find freedom, joy and the success you desire. 

Bi-Weekly Trainings in a PRIVATE High Vibe FB Group
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Lifetime Access to This Course and Any Add Ons.
Weekly Workbook for each Module
Zoom Chat Celebration Call
Meditation for Beginners Guide
Giveaway and Exclusive access to CREATION MINDBOX Training Releases Coming Soon!!

2 VIP SPOTS $444
*Two One-on-One Calls Each Month
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YES!! I"m READY for this!!!

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