When you have had enough of the bs and have your breaking point.

Ok, ladies and let’s get real here. I want to share something really life changing.

How many of you have got to a point in our life where you said you were fed up with the way we are living our life and were ready for change?

Tired of the same old thing. Same old routines and seeing life just go past you. Feeling unfilled and unsettled deep within your soul? Feeling this can’t be it. It’s our soul calling us. Calling us to dig deeper. To awake from the slumber.

I feel you 100 percent. I have been there. I have felt disappointed, hurt, lost, confused and just unsure of the path I was heading. It’s easy to get caught up in the routines, the everyday.

But I remember a deep tug within my heart. A desire to step out of the unknown, a desire to step into a world where I laughed loudly, cried when I felt lead to, danced even if people were watching, smiled because my heart was filled with so much joy and it didn’t matter what others thought of me. Created what was in my heart and did it with such fierce passion and pride.

What deep desires do you hold in your heart? Where do you feel a calling in your life that you keep holding back? Where you feel that if you did this very thing it could change your life forever.

When we take those chances on ourselves we are saying, “Yes”. Yes, to our future. Yes, to standing up for what we want.

You see it the moment when we recognize and make the decision to think differently, walk a different path and choose to live the life we REALLY desire we can be changed. It takes patience. It takes being AWARE. It takes pealing away layers that we didn’t even know where there.

But on that other side is so much beauty my friend. There is beautiful alignment. Friendships that will change you forever. Experiences that will challenge you to a HIGHER STANDARD and way of living. A way of living that will change you forever.

So today my friend. What will you choose? Will you choose to walk in your light? Will you say enough and choose to say, “YES”. Yes, to who you are. Yes, to the NEXT chapter of who you really are. Walking with FIRE, PASSION, DRIVE and purpose.

Walking confidently. Walking and feeling that SEXY, Confident woman you want to be deep inside. It’s your BIRTH RIGHT. To walk and LIVE this life. But we have to take the first step. The first step to invest in yourself to be intentional about the direction you will take your life.

I want to support and help you! IF your not in my She is a FORTRESS WITHIN group on FB, you need to get in there!!!

I’m going to be doing a LIVE TRAINING this weekend on Setting Your Soul FREE.

<We will discuss letting go of our limiting beliefs. <Letting Your Self FREE by changing your environment. <Healing the pain deep within your soul. < Unleashing YOU.

AND more……IT”s going to be pure FIRE ladies, speaking directly from my heart.

I know there are many of you out there hurting and are ready to find clarity and peace in your life.

So click here to join my FB group if your not there already.

Can’t wait to see you in there ladies!!

Much love and success,


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