Finding Joy Again

Good morning! I can’t believe this month of January is almost over, crazy time really flies by. So wanted to share with you something that happened to me yesterday. I had a moment. A moment where I stopped and looked at my life and thought man, I’m so happy. Listen, I’m not telling you this to brag or make you think good for her. I’m telling you this because the past couple of years, I faced a lot of obstacles. A lot of opposition and still do. Listen to me. We all will face some obstacles big or small. But we need to press on. Don’t give up. Know that god knows your heart and what your going through. I want you to know that you are not alone. This life is full of so much uncertainly. Keep praying. Keep seeking for answers. Ask a friend for help. Get involved in a community on social media. Make new friends. I promise you there is Joy after all the sorrow all the pain that you may be feeling. God did not intend for us to go through this life unhappy, confused, alone or feeling unfulfilled.

You can find joy again. You can find joy in the midst of the daily things you do. You can find joy in sorrow. Believe in yourself. Love yourself and be kind to yourself. We are our worst enemy at times. Say it with me. ” I’m beautiful, strong, confident and able”. If you doubt yourself it makes it really hard for you to experience joy. Focus on your strengths and not your weaknesses.  Build yourself up. It all starts in your mind.  Set your mind on good things. You have the ability to turn things around with just a thought a thought that is good for yourself.

I will give you an activity to help you find that joy. Get quiet. Just you, a pen, paper and some music if you helps you. Breathe and mediate. Write down what you are grateful for. Write down your goals and write them regularly and consistently. Dream. Dream and Dream. If you had a dream and felt disappointed or gave up on it. I challenge you to rebirth that dream. Stop doubting that it can happen. And believe that any is possible.

You got this. Finding joy is free and you can find it again.

Hugs to you. Please comment below if you read this or if I can help you or support you in any way. I love helping other women.


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