Letting Go, Trusting, and Healing What Needs to Be Healed.

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Ok, can we talk about my baby for a second?! ;)I had such a beautiful day filled with so many synchronicities and a heart filled with gratitude! So blessed and grateful for the transformations and healing in my life. God is so good.

The past few weeks I”ve felt the feeling of overwhelm. Being challenged to do things and speak my truth in areas where I was silent for some time. Finishing out old chapters in my life and walking towards new journey’s and new opportunities.

Change can be so hard at times. It’s always the moment when I don’t feel I want to shift or change is when I’m presented with a new challenge. It’s like god is telling me something. The universe has a way of moving us out of our comfort zone even at moments when we don’t think we are ready or when we least expect it.

But it’s been in these moments where I’ve learned to stop and slow down and listen to what it is my intuition is telling me. Listen to the voice deep within my soul. You see I lost my voice a week or so ago. It was a time that was stressful for me but I also felt that I needed to have some tuff conversations.

Our bodies have certain ways of speaking to us and try to tell us messages. Today my voice is back and I feel at such a better place in my heart and spirit. And that’s because I took the time to care for myself and give my spirit and body what it needed.

I want to share these stories with you because I hope that you can relate to these moments and maybe I can help or encourage you where ever you are in your journey.

Something else I also realized after having a off week or so, is that when you are growing and upleveling often people or circumstances will try to stop you from going to that next level. We are often our worse enemy, our subconscious mind will try to tell you to play things safe, to go back to your old ways. To make you think you don’t need to do that very things that have brought you to where you are today. The quiet time, affirmations, the reading, and the investing are so key to keeping your growth. Don’t get me wrong it’s ok to have days where you don’t do those things. It’s just a matter of remembering that it’s those very changes you have made in your life have transformed you into something so beautiful.

So don’t loose sight of that. Don’t forget that that beauty within is really impactful. Your story is life changing to others. You matter! Your voice matters. What you do daily matters. Even when you may feel like your not making an impact. Just keep moving. Keep doing what makes you happy and speak about the things that have changed you to help others who may need this guidance and direction. We may not always know the final outcome but know you are supported and being guided.

Here are a few affirmation you can say to remind yourself that you got this. ” I know who I am, who I am meant to serve, and where I am going.”

“I am loved, supported and being guided daily by the universe.”

” I am a strong woman with vision and clarity for her life.”

“I am being lead to the right open doors and know which way to go.”

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